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From South Africa to Shetland Islands - 60 Degrees North.


From an early age I have been interested in cameras and photography - always carrying a camera with me - be it on holiday or at school. I loved placing people in a row in an endeavour to take the ideal photo - sometimes the results were good, others not.


Since coming to live in Shetland I have developed a love for wildlife both with my camera and without. Being able to watch animals in their natural habitat is very rewarding and enjoyable.  When Im withouth my camera, I love guiding  visitors to the best places to watch wildlife and experience the best that Shetland has to offer.


Since completing my Tourist Guiding Training I realised Shetland has many more places to explore and sharing my new found passion and knowledge about our islands is very rewarding.


Shetland has 100 islands and 16 are inhabited all the time.  Situated on the 60N latitude the 24 hour daylight through mid summer gives you lots of extra time to explore each Island - each Island offering something unique and different.