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By Paula Moss, Jan 17 2017 03:33PM

This winter I decided to do a winter photography challenge. The aim on this photography challenge is to take a clear photo of every species of bird or mammal I can find in Shetland until the closing date of 31 March 2017. For every species I find and take a photograph of, I will donate £1 to Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary based here in Shetland. They do amazing work rescuing, saving and rehabilitating Otters and Seals that get into distress along our Shetland Coastline. Shetland can be battered by the most brutal storms during the winter months that at times have little or no mercy for anything standing in its way. I have up to six people matching my pledge - I completed the challenge on Time with 61 specied photographed raising over £500 for The Sanctuary.

Below are a few photos I have taken.