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From South Africa to Shetland Islands - 60 Degrees North.


From an early age I have been interested in cameras and photography - always carrying a camera with me - be it on holiday or at school. I loved placing people in a row in an endeavour to take the ideal photo - sometimes the results were good, others not. Then digital cameras came on the market opening up a whole new world of capturing moments with instant results.


Since coming to Shetland I have developed a love for wildlife both with my camera and without - it is a way of life here for many people and coupled with my interest in photography you can have some great fun - I have met some interesting people who have helped me develop my skills and gain a better understanding of animal and bird behaviour.  My passion for wildlife, birding and photography are all developing interests so my aim will be to share my images, adventures and increasing knowledge with friends in Shetland, South Africa and other locations around the world - I hope you enjoy the images I have captured so far.