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Puffins return to the cliffs around Shetland for the summer to have their young.  They nest in small burrows that they return to every year.  They are the most commical little birds to watch through the lens and they even give you the feeling that they enjoy posing for the camera.  Over the years I have learnt that puffin pictures can be quite boring - so I now try to get something a little different - even the ones sitting in the rain are to me quite unique.  In post processing I do use a soft and dreamy preset as I do enjoy a softer look to some of my pictures.  This is just a matter of personal choice.  I also like to be creative and isolate the red just to let the birds beak stand out.


I do always use AP mode at approx F5.6 to give the blurry back.  Sometimes even going as far as F2.8