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From South Africa to Shetland Islands – 60 Degrees North


From an early age, I have always enjoyed taking photographs. I have always carried a camera with me, be it on holiday or just popping out for a drive to visit friends. 14 years ago I came to live in Shetland. During this time opportunities have arisen that have allowed me to develop my interest in photography further.   I am far from an amazing photographer, but I enjoy the photos I take. Each photo I will always try to capture a special moment that I will remember either visually or emotionally. That to me is what photos are about, not technical perfection but creating memories and capturing emotion. 

I started to appreciate Shetland through the lens, and soon realised that this was a special place I had come to live in. The one aspect that gripped me first was the wildlife. I spent many many hours discovering places, watching birds and animals so I could try and understand their behaviours better.

I found a lot of enjoyment just taking friends and family around the islands when they came to visit. This got me thinking more about being a guide on the Islands.

In 2018 I qualified as a Tourist Guide for the Scottish Tourist Guide Association (STGA)


I now enjoy guiding visitors to the best places to watch wildlife and experience the best that Shetland has to offer.  During my Tourist Guiding Training, I realised Shetland has many more places and aspects to explore, so, being able to share my newfound passion and knowledge about our islands is extremely rewarding.

The Scottish Tourist Guides Association are the professional membership body for fully trained and accredited tourist guides in Scotland. As an STGA guide, I have successfully completed a rigorous programme of training and assessment before being admitted to membership of the Association. This training covers knowledge of Shetland’s history, culture, and landscape, but also includes practical training in professional guiding skills (including group management and safety) and effective communication.

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