After all the years of working in London, all it took was one drive into the Highlands of Scotland and my whole life changed.  On my very first visit to the Highlands I had this overwhelming feeling that I had been here before and was certainly a place I needed to experience more of.  I have spent time with some great photographers in the Highlands learning more about cameras and taking photos, boy these guys can take pretty awesome pics.  I will never be able to produce what they produce but hey that really is fine because I am proud of what I have achieved.  The Birds of Prey images are taken with a falconer but from here I developed a great love for watching birds of prey.  Other images of squirrels and birds and deer are taken on various visits over the years to Scotland.  I love Scotland, the feel, the colours and the lifestyle.  Have I been here before??


Thanks to the amazing people and photographers that have shared knowledge and space with me - you know who you are.  xx 

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