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Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

I was most fortunate to experience part of the Kalahari Desert when I visited the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. Situated on the borders of South Africa, South West Africa, and Botswana.  After years of discussion and debate, it was such a relief to arrive at the gates of this exceptional park.

The wildlife was breath-taking and varied - rare sightings of Big Cats, Wild Cats, Snakes, Geckos, Meerkats, African Ground Squirrels, Vultures, Mongoose, Raptors, Springbok, Gemsbok, Black Back Jackals and Giraffe to name but a few.  They say that you can never take Africa out of somebody born there, and how true that felt for me.  The heat and the dust and the whole way of life just felt so normal to me.  Nobody will ever understand how I experienced the pull of Africa on my heartstrings.

Four of us travelled from Cape Town on a very well organised trip. Having a guide who is exceptionally knowledgeable made the journey a genuinely enjoyable experience and most of all safe.   

Based in various enclosed camps, Tweerivieren, Mata Mata and Nossob, all so different and unique.  We enjoyed a BBQ (braai) most evenings and relaxed with our drinks at sunset.  At the Nossob camp, a Black Back Jackal joined us at the BBQ fire by lurking in the shadows as well as a small mongoose that came closer to have some water.   The evenings were an exceptional time as the sounds coming from the bush were so audible.   The evenings were a welcome break after long and sweltering days of sightseeing.

One night in bed, after the lights were out, we heard the incredible sound of two lions roaring at each other - it sent shivers down my spine.  These were the two lions that came to the watering hole earlier in the evening that were able to be photographed by camp residents.


The temperatures were extreme, reaching 40 degrees plus most days, but what one would expect in the African desert after all.

It is a pleasure to share some of my images - I hope you enjoy them.

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