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Thank you to my hosts for inviting me to share their Swedish Retreat in the very remote woodlands of Sweden.   Situated in the Jamtland area of Sweden, the remoteness of this area has allowed me to see some exceptional wildlife.   Looking out of the kitchen window the first bird that I saw on my first visit there was a female capercaillie, a definite good find to start off my Sweden Bird List.  I have watched foxes hunting from the bedroom window, seen a Ural Owl and an array of small birds that I don't get to see in Shetland.  My hosts on other occasions have seen a family of Hawk Owls sitting outside the living room. 

During my last visit there I was able to have dinner with the neighbours who started showing me some photos of a family of bears walking in front of the house and also told me about the moose that visit the neighbourhood mostly during the spring to eat the apples from their trees. Incredible.  I have grown to enjoy this spot so much and look forward to seeing more and having many more adventures there.

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